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  • Contribution to the Belmont Forum - JPI Climate final event projects on climate predictability: 8-9 July 2020

Access to the different documents prepared for this event : project 5mn video, short texts reporting on challenges and knowledge gaps, and two photos on people and science topics representative of the project.

with 25 and 29 November 2019 for working groups

The objectives will be to :

  • finalise common publications
  • prepare the synthesis publication
  • share responsibilities for the final report and associated dead lines
  • Prepare relevant documents and presentations of the results for the stakeholder meeting in early 2020.

meeting organisation

  • Meeting agenda : please comment the agenda, complete list of common papier discussion for Monday 25, Complete list of show and tell for single partner results, or multi-partner papers already published

Agenda/list of presentations

  • List of participants : please check and complete the list of participants (URGENT : make sure every body is on the list, + those who manage for their hotel, or are late for their registration please do it rapidly. Also indicate if you will be there on Monday 25 for lunch and for the PACMEDY diner on Tuesday 26)


Meeting location

  Meeting Venue : Château CNRS campus Gif-sur-Yvette

See campus map

It will be either at the castel (number 03) : main meeting room + coffee breaks or at LSCE (number 12, meeting room) : breakout group.

The campus is not far from the RER B station (name : Gif-sur-Yvette). The closest airport is Orly, and the closest TGV train station is Massy TGV. It is on the direct RERB line from CDG airport (but exactly at the opposite / Paris), so depending on the time in the day you need about 1h15 once in the RER to reach Gif-sur Yvette from CDG. You need about 1h from Paris.

  Meeting Venue for Monday 25 and Friday 29 (PI meeting)  : LSCE Orme des Merisiers, bât 714

Instructions in english to find LSCE will be posted as soon as possible .

French version here Venir au LSCE

Meeting output

  • J Crétat: Mid-Holocene to present-day evolution of the Indian monsoon in transient global simulations
  • R D'Agostino: Northern Hemisphere Monsoon response to mid-Holocene orbital forcing and greenhouse-induced global warming
  • R Krishnan: Mid-Holocene precipitation and evolution of the Indus valley civilization
  • X Shi: Indian monsoon mean state and variability based on AWI-ESM
  • A Schurer: Effect of Orbital forcing on Monsoons
  • B Turcq:
    • Holocene data on South American Monsoon, reasons for isotope discrepancies
    • Analyses of Circulation Types in mid-Holocene IPSLCM5 simulation
  • G Leduc: ENSO reconstruction and rainfall changes along the eastern tropical Pacific margin
  • P Dias: Summary of the group activities within PACMEDY  & FAPESP and key results
  • R D'Agostino: Southern Hemisphere monsoon response to midholocene and rcp8.5
  • C Williams: West African monsoon in the HadGEM3 LIG, MH and PI simulations
  • M Carré: Coral and mollusk synthesis of Holocene interannual variability
  • Hegerl Gabi: Sandy Tudhope et al's recent work
  • C Brierley: ENSO teleconnections
  • P Braconnot: ENSO in the transient simulations
  • B Turcq: El Nino influence on intense precipitation in the East Equatorial Pacific based on the transient IPSL
  • V Khon: New results on ENSO, seasonal cycle and ENSO-monsoon relationship based on KCM transient simulation

* PaleoENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) workshop, to be held from 25-30 August 2019 in Hotel Santika, Belitung Island, Indonesia (Mary Elliot).

See meeting report pacmedy-pi0..pdf

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