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PACMEDY information

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Meeting output


  • J Crétat: Mid-Holocene to present-day evolution of the Indian monsoon in transient global simulations
  • R D'Agostino: Northern Hemisphere Monsoon response to mid-Holocene orbital forcing and greenhouse-induced global warming
  • R Krishnan: Mid-Holocene precipitation and evolution of the Indus valley civilization
  • X Shi: Indian monsoon mean state and variability based on AWI-ESM
  • A Schurer: Effect of Orbital forcing on Monsoons


  • B Turcq:
    • Holocene data on South American Monsoon, reasons for isotope discrepancies
    • Analyses of Circulation Types in mid-Holocene IPSLCM5 simulation
  • G Leduc: ENSO reconstruction and rainfall changes along the eastern tropical Pacific margin
  • P Dias: Summary of the group activities within PACMEDY  & FAPESP and key results
  • R D'Agostino: Southern Hemisphere monsoon response to midholocene and rcp8.5
  • C Williams: West African monsoon in the HadGEM3 LIG, MH and PI simulations


A Schurer, B Turcq, C Williams, M Elliot, G Sampaio, G Leduc, C Bolton, J Jungclaus, R D'Agostino, M Schimizu, M Carre, P Dias, I Wainer, Supriyo, S Wagner, X Shi, P Braconnot, J Crétat

* PaleoENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) workshop, to be held from 25-30 August 2019 in Hotel Santika, Belitung Island, Indonesia (Mary Elliot).

See meeting report pacmedy-pi0..pdf

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